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Vivien, a Russian model, and stylist, who is also the owner of Rare Gal Clothing, was born in Russia on December 15, 1991. Unfortunately, we were unable to provide any information on her parents and siblings, and we vow to update our site for you as soon as we get our hands on any of them.

Currently, Rubin is 28 years old. She belongs to the zodiac group of Sagittarius. This gorgeous looking model has beautiful, long, and silky black dark brown. Her eyes are deep dark grey. Unfortunately, the information on her body measurements is not available yet.

The young model started her journey to the hall fame by posting her modeling shots on her Instagram page since April of 2014. Gradually her photos were loved by many people, including artists, and in no time, the number of her followers skyrocketed.

Today she has over 600,000 thousand followers on Instagram. At present, Rubin is not just a famed fashion model but also the owner of Rare Gal Clothing. Her company sells branded but still affordable products that are still popular among women. She worked as an influencer and ambassador for the labels Fashion Strada as well as the brand Ignite.

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