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I’m an Aussie living in Africa but working wherever the wildlife calls. I’m a passionate wildlife lover and conservationist at heart with a need for technical excellence in what I do.

What is it that I do? For over 15 years I’ve worked as a wildlife photographer and cinematographer for clients such as NatGeo Wild, WildAid, United Nations as well as various wildlife NGO’s and non-profits along with commercial campaigns.

I’m also an author with three books under my belt and more to come. I sporadically make videos about wildlife and photography to share my passion and some tech advice.

As much as I dreaded public speaking as a kid, I actually now thoroughly enjoy it, especially because I get to share my passion for wildlife with people as well as all the wild adventures I’m lucky enough to experience as my job. I present internationally so please get in touch if you have a speaking engagement you’d like to discuss.

I’m most active on Instagram, where I post almost daily and include photo tips, settings and behind the scenes.

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