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Kimura Takuya and Kudo Shizuka’s youngest daughter Mitsuki (Kōki)

Mitsuki is debuting with the model name “Kōki” and the big discussion on the Internet is who does she look more like, her mother or her father.

So far on social media, many people feel the face is similar to Kimura but the eyes and hands are similar to Kudo.

Kimura Takuya is a former member of SMAP and one of Japan’s most recognized faces, featured in many films, dramas, commercials and magazines.  Kudo Shizuka is one of the well-known singers from the ’80s and ’90s and was a member of the idol group Onyanko Club (which was produced by AKB48’s Akimoto Yasushi back in the ’80s).  Kudo is also an actress and jewelry maker.

As for their first daughter, Kokomi, she is a talented musician, who plays the flute and also the violin.

Kōki has created an Instagram profile and a few videos have been posted.

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