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Beautiful Russian model Katrina Kruglova

My name is Katrina Kruglova- model, designer, and organizer of art exhibitions and charities.

I was born in Russia, in Nizhniy Novgorod – a city some 40 mins by plane from Moscow.
I started modeling when I was 18. It happened by accident, but stayed in my life for a very long time and completely changed my destiny.

During the first years of my modeling career I was working in Italy, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain and Germany.

Later on, after being a model around 5 years, I decided to change the vector of my life and became a fashion designer. I founded a clothing brand in Russia. It was casual stylish clothing for middle class, similar to Zara, but much smaller (haha). I loved what I was doing a lot and was putting all my efforts to make my brand successful. However, at the same time I felt somewhat unhappy as I was not living in a major city, I felt that the scale of my city didn’t fit my ambitions, and I a needed bigger, more energetic, more ambitious global megapolis.

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