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Pasquale Bruni

For two generations, Pasquale Bruni has been creating exceptional jewellery for women across the the world. Each creation combines noble metals with precious stones, and every project is managed in his atelier at the heart of Italy.

Pasquale Bruni’s creations are the expression of Vera Passione – true passion, a feeling that expresses whoever wears these jewels. Pasquale Bruni was 20 years old when, inspired by a creative vision, he began his pioneering journey. Young, but with plenty of courage, he created special pieces that the world would recognize for their uniqueness.
His innovative approach towards work has changed the very nature of the jewellery business.
For Pasquale, the town of Valenza is and will always be a place of excellence. This is where he set up his workshop and raised his family, who then became part of the team. This family-run place is where his work evolved, capturing and adapting to the tastes of customers and their world.

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